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We aim to take a different approach in
reaching out and helping people along the journey.
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Helping the communities of London
during the hard times of losing a loved one

Caring Service

Dignified and caring service delivered by our team

Tailored Service

Our main goal is to meet your expections. Please let us know what your needs are.

Islamic Janazah

We make sure all our procedures fulfill the Islamic requirements

Affordable Quality

Affordable quality is our main goal. We believe attention to detail is key and strive.

Habib History

Habib Funerals is born to serve the Muslim communities in UK give their loved ones a farewell that meets their own needs and expectations. Established in 2013, we were born to serve and are aming at becoming the burial choice for the Muslim community of London.

Our funeral service is of the highest standards, dignified and caring with a team that has a clear understanding of the Islamic requirements to make sure your requirements are fulfilled.

Funeral Service - Janazah

During this time of difficulty we are here to serve you in accordance to Islamic beliefs and etiquettes. Our muslim funeral service is of highest stands and dignified and caring with a team that has clear understanding of the Islamic requirements to make sure we provide your requirements are fulfilled.

We understand that organising the funeral of your loved one can be overwhelming. That is why we always to aim to provide you and your loved ones with the support you need to spend those final moments doing. As Islamic funeral directors, we are here to help you on anything you might need when coping with grieve.


Repatriation Service

Repatriation can be stressful and very time consuming in busy city like London, sometimes it is best to let professionals handle it for you. Some people feel overwhelm when it comes to deal with all the paperwork that it requires. That is why we are here to help you with repatriation both outside UK or bringing the deceased one back to UK.

One of our caring and experienced arrangers will invite you to visit us at a time of your choosing in order to make all of the necessary arrangements. We are more than happy to visit you at your own home, if that’s what you would prefer to do.


Working to earn the trust and Love of Muslim
Communitites of London

Ghusl equipment


Arrangement of grave and burial

At Habib Muslim Funeral service, we offer Sunnah compliant,flexible Burial options and pre-plan options. We always aim to live up to your expectations by delivering care, attention to detail. Along with this if you have any special requirement, we can tailor our service to the needs and requirements. Our burials are always in align with Islamic burial requirements.

If you need burial plot immediately, please contact us over so we can help you further and faster on this.



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